When everyone is cranky…

Both of my children woke up cranky this morning, so did I and so did Cody.

Who knows why this happens, just that it happens often where most of us are cranky. 🤷‍♀️ We all slept last night, Harper only woke up twice, and Brynn wasn’t up late.

I need all the coffee that was ever grown in the world this morning, with a side of something stronger. I am lucky enough to have the weekends off to be with the kids, but that however means Monday is an actual Monday for me, that oh back to work feeling. I LOVE MY JOB. Don’t for one second get that twisted, but Monday’s are hard and getting back in the groove is just hard!

But this morning I’m saying a prayer for those hit with hurricanes last night, I’m saying a little prayer for those less fortunate then I am, because you know what? I woke up this morning, I’m alive and I have a beautiful home and family and friends. I am grateful and I am blessed. (Even when everyone is cranky)

Love, a hot mess momma ❤️

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