Mornings are hard…

Yes mornings are hard, they come to fast for parents with a baby who won’t sleep through the night. There never seems to be enough sleep, coffee or room in the bed when you co-sleep. I’ve gotten the questions and dirty looks ever since I’ve had my first baby 7 long years ago. “Why is she in your bed?!?!? That’s so dangerous!”. I’ve seen the statistics, read the books, and spoke with the pediatrician. I would never put my children in a situation that would harm them…

We co-sleep and that’s just how it is… I love having my babies right there and close, they need to feel safe and loved. How can a baby who spent 9 months growing inside me just be expected to sleep all on her own with no warmth but her own? No thank you. We have tried to get Harper to sleep in her own bed, she makes it a few hours before waking up terrified and screaming for us. She gets into our bed and snuggles in and is right back to sleep.

Brynn still to this day sometimes ends up in bed with us. “Mommy I had a nightmare” well baby climb on in, you can feel safe with me holding you and get some sleep.

I am not ashamed that my girls need me, not now not ever. I hope that when they are well into their teens that climbing into bed with me even just to talk makes them feel safe and happy if even for a moment. We rush our children to grow up so fast, that we forget to think about what makes them feel safe, loved and cherished. If an over night cuddle can help I’m all for it.

With love ❤️

A hot mess momma

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