The WIC Checks

Any mom knows that going to the grocery store and using a WIC check is going to be a task and a half. From finding the items listed on your check, the right size, brand and even flavors is like walking over a sea of legos your child just dumped all over the floor in a dark hall way. Don’t get me wrong, I am so very grateful at times for having access to WIC, I will put in the work to get the right items into the cart and even separate them on the belt according to the check items listed. ANYTHING to make the cashiers life easier, and make it go a little quicker for the people in line behind me. To be completely honest…I am that woman who goes in and uses 3-4 checks at a time. (I know I hate me too!)

My last trip to the grocery store was a little rough on those behind me. I used two fruit and veggie checks, three for milk and juice and one for eggs, milk, juice, bread, cereal, beans, peanutbutter… You know the really big one. Well to say it took a while checking out would be an understatement. It took about 35-40 minuets to get everything done.

The lovely lady behind me decided to voice her not so nice words out loud. Apparently if you receive WIC, according to her, you are a worthless mother who depends on taxpayer money to feed your children. Well lady for your information I have a full time job. WIC was designed for Women, Infants and Children. If you are pregnant and breast feeding you can receive these checks for you and your childs health. If you have an Infant or child age 5 and under they receive checks. This program is designed to educate parents and children how to make healthy food choices, and how to shop for healthy foods.

PLEASE think about what you are saying about someone who is using a WIC check or even an ACCESS Card to pay for groceries. We all can fall on hard times and need the help, and to be honest most of us are embarrassed to admit we need the help or even use the system because of how we have seen others treated. As a mother, who was a single mom for almost 5 years, it is not the most comfortable situation to be in. Once someone in line sees your card the begin to judge your every move. They pay attention to what your wearing, if your nails are done, what brand your purse is, what your kids are wearing and if they are clean. I watched a woman call CYS on a young lady in line once. When they asked for the reason for her call she said “This girl is paying with food stamps, she has her nails painted and her kids face is dirty. She doesn’t deserve this kid”. The poor girl cried, right there in line in the middle of Walmart. If I didn’t have a screaming child in my arms I would have let that lady have a piece of my mind, Thankfully someone else in line got to her.

Lets try to be kind to one another, try not to judge on ones situation.

Love, A hot mess momma

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