Sick call

Here we are, the beginning of April. And miss Harper has come down with the stomach virus going around. Here are somethings I’ve learned in the last 24 hours.

1) That fever can spike at random from being normal to 103.5 in minutes. Holy cow! She was fine, all smiles and giggles and then BAM! She walked into the kitchen threw up and cried. To the tub we went…

2) Calling the on call number and using words/phrases like lethargic, out of it, not her self… those will just confuse the guy your talking to apparently. He will just tell you to come to the ER to be seen. So to the ER we went.

3) Next time you use the Tylenol make sure your not almost out… I know rookie mistake, but I never checked it and when I went to get it, there was none! We had Advil so I compromised and used that first. I then made a mental note about always checking the kids meds when I use them.

4) You should always have extra clothing when going to the ER with a child who is throwing up… Not only for the kid, but for yourself… Harper threw up on my socks when we were laying in the hospital bed waiting on test results. Props to her for not getting it on her Paw Patrol PJs! Even though I had a change of clothes for her…

5) Pedialyte! It’s your best friend, and with a shelf life of up to two years unopened I highly suggest keeping a few bottles in the house at all times… We have orange and strawberry. Harper hasn’t drank anything other then her “special juice” since she spiked her fever last night.

I’ve also learned that no matter what the circumstances of the illness are, enjoy the time. That sounds so terrible, to enjoy your little one being sick. What I mean is enjoy those extra cuddles, the extra time you get from missing work and the extra memories you might make in between doses of Tylenol, Motrin and what ever else makes them kind of normal for a few hours if only two.

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