Momma tried

Oh did I try! Every day I try to be the best momma I can be. My girls drive me to do better and be better. But let’s be honest here, sometimes doing your best is just getting out of bed and making it through your day. Not every day is magical and amazing, and that’s okay!

My best advice for you momma: when your exhausted and at your limit ask for help. No one likes admitting they need help, that they just can’t do it today. Here’s a little secret… WE ALL HAVE THOSE DAYS! If your having an “I just can’t” day, that’s okay! No one is judging you for wanting to lay in bed and binge Netflix!

  • When I have one of those days, where the baby hasn’t slept and my rambunctious 7 year old is full of energy wanting to do a million fun things I have a list of why don’t we’s.
    • Let’s build a blanket fort and watch some movies while we cuddle! (Moana is our go to)
      How about you and sissy play house in your tent!
      Let’s make a snack and have some TV time!
  • These are a few things that keep my girls busy for a little bit while I unplug and unwind on the couch.
  • Let’s face it every once in a while it’s okay not to be the perfect momma, the momma who’s house is spotless and fun snacks made of celery and peanut butter are made to look like caterpillars. In today’s world of social media everyone is constantly sharing and over sharing their amazing abilities in the parenting department. But you don’t see the “I just can’t” days. You know why? MOM SHAMING is a thing. We should not be mom shaming each other, because we know how hard some days can be, we know that sleep deprivation is a thing and that there is no rest with a baby on the move.
  • Ladies, cut each other a break, share those I just can’t days, ask for help and support each other. Because honestly it takes a village to make it through this thing called motherhood.
  • Love, a hot mess momma!
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