Your worth it

Every once in a while we as women feel down, we let others words hurt us, we let others validate our worth.


Yeah, I let it happen sometimes but you know one of my goals is to stop letting others alter the way I see myself. I’m a good mom, I give 100% of myself to my job when I am there and sometimes even when I’m not I still think about work, I try my best to be a good partner, friend, daughter and granddaughter.

If your feeling like less of a person or down in the dumps because of what someone else has said or done, do me a favor… Take a step back and remind yourself of who you are and what you have accomplished for yourself all by your damn self. Because what you have done is probably what that person is jealous of.

People will tear you down to make sure you feel as low as they see themselves.

Love, a hot mess momma ❤️

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