Whooo! Guys I’m so sorry it’s been a hot minute! I picked up a ton of extra shifts at work so I was pretty exhausted! I know my kids missed me because the oldest hasn’t stopped asking me about when I have to work and Harper has been clingy!

So that’s not what I wanted to talk about tonight!! Saturday is “Bereaved Parents Day”… yes I know it’s also another “holiday” better well know (tacos and margaritas all day baby! Not for me but I’m sure you can have some!)

I just have a few tips when dealing with a friend that has lost a child…

1) Say our babies names! It makes us feel so good to know you haven’t forgotten, that our child has been validated as a person and that your not ashamed to talk about it!

2) Please do not say I’m sorry… that makes it worse… if you don’t know what to say just ask how we are and if we need anything!

3) Don’t be afraid to bring up other babies or children… we love to hear about them! Just as much as you love telling us… But that’s also how we feel about telling you about our little angels.

4) Be happy! We are working on being happy every day and we work very hard at it so please don’t ruin our happy with negative remarks… Sometimes it takes all our energy to even smile for the day!

Love, a hot mess momma 💜

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