Mother’s Day

As I celebrate with my babies I can not help but feel guilty… to feel as though I am leaving my beautiful Sophia out.

Luckily for me her daddy got me a beautiful tree of life necklace with 4 babies and a mommy on it.

Cody also let me do some self pampering today! I got to use my gel eye pads, shower in peace, do a full face of make up, and last night I got to go ALONE for a mani and pedi! He’s an amazing daddy and partner! While doing my home self care this morning I laid in bed looking at all of Sophia’s things in her shadow box, cuddled the weighted teddy bear I got in her memory and just all around reflected on what makes me a momma!

These girls are my world, they keep me going every day and have taught me so much! They taught me about true love, patience, pain and heart break. I can not wait to see what else they teach me in the future. 💜

Love, a hot mess momma 💜

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