Be brave

Going on living after a loss is the hardest. You find that no matter what you don’t want to, you try to find reasons to and sometimes it works.

I found my purpose, I found my reasons and I still have days that I want to lay in bed and give up. Today is one of those days…

I went to bed last night dreading today, dreading the fact that I had an OB appointment, and the fact that I have to go alone because Cody is at work. The last doctors appointment I went to alone we found out Sophia was sick.

My anxiety is making me want to call off work, hide under the covers and avoid work, avoid the doctors and just lay here. And then I found this:

I must be brave, I must push myself to be the best I can be and I need to get out of bed. If you are having an I can’t do it Day, please be brave.

💜 love a hot mess momma

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