The struggle

Breastfeeding.. it’s so hard, your nipples hurt, they crack, they bleed, the amount of water you have to drink is crazy and pumping to make sure your producing enough is exhausting!

Let’s be real here, your a leaking, emotional mess the first few weeks till you get everything under control. Even then if a baby cries or you even think of your own baby you experience a let down!

I’ve tried everything to keep my supply up and going so when I return to work full time I don’t have any issues! Here’s what I’ve found works for me!

Lactation cookies, I make my own using this recipe: they stay soft and don’t get hard like the store bought cookies!

I also buy Walmart brand organic nursing mom tea (, milk flow capsules ( and I make over night oats! All of this has helped me along with pumping often and after Willow nurses.

I’m blessed to have a few pumps: I have a Medela pump in style, a Medela sonata and im getting a hospital grade spectra S2 ( gifted to me by Cody’s cousin). I use my pump in style at work, I keep it there. My sonata will be kept in the car (it charges and doesn’t need to be plugged in all the time!) and the hospital grade spectra will be kept in the living room at my pumping “station” I have set up.

Life is complicated with babies, your breastfeeding journey doesn’t have to make it worse!

Love, a hot mess momma!

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