Nap time struggles

It’s summer, 3 kids home all day, one to old for naps… the struggle is real people! Here’s what happens:

The oldest doesn’t want to nap, I get it she’s 7! The toddler then tries to follow suit and say no to nap time, at 1130… by 1230 we have an all out screaming child on our hands! So by 12:45 we’re in bed with a bink and bub, cuddles ensue and she’s almost asleep when here comes big sister to ask 700 questions… I shoo her out of the room and finally sleep takes over the cranky toddler.

Why is nap time so difficult? I will not lie I love our nap time cuddles, me the baby and the toddler all snuggled together. But then big sister complains that I never cuddle her. Well child take a nap with us and you can get cuddles!

What are your nap time struggles and your nap time loves?

Love a hot mess momma ❤️

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