The bubble bath

Tonight some how the stars aligned and all three girls were asleep at the same time. I finally after 4 weeks with a newborn, almost two year old and 7 year old, got to run a hot bubble bath and enjoy it for more then five minutes.

Bubble baths for me usually go something like this: run water, get undressed, turn around to find the almost 2 year old naked right behind me and the 7 year old sitting on the floor asking 75-100 questions.

So tonight I sat back and soaked. I thought about how blessed I am to have my girls, how amazing each of them are, and how different they are. I also thought about my sweet Sophia and how much my heart aches and yearns to hold her in my arms again. Her birthday is coming, and I can’t even bring myself to consider doing anything but laying in bed crying that day. But I have to get up, I have to keep going and I have to smile through the pain for my girls. They need me here, Sophia is being showered with love in heaven, I’m sure both my Pappy’s are taking turns holding her and my grandma Millie is over the moon to have a great granddaughter to spoil with love and coffee in her bottles like she did with me. That doesn’t change the fact that I want her here with me to love on…

I hope you momma get a bubble bath this week.

Love, a hot mess momma 💜

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