One of those days

My day started great, my mom was here n helped with the littles while I pumped and cleaned up a bit. We had an early intervention teacher coming. Miss chelsey came and worked with Harper.

We played, we ate, we napped, I made dinner and we went to dance. Got home and Cody left for work.

That is the exact moment my night went to hell. You see, Harper is a daddy’s girl. She needs time cuddled up next to him to sleep, so when he’s on midnight her whole world is turned upside down. She can’t sleep, tossing and turning while freaking out asking where he went. Swing shifts are the worst for her. Willow and Brynn don’t mind them, mostly because willow is too young to know and brynn sees daddy before school or after either way she sees him.

She will get out of bed to look for him. She will yell for him and finally give into the heavy upset sleepiness overcoming her.

Before he leaves for the night she tells him “I miss you daddy” almost as to guilt him into staying home. She has no idea what guilt is, how to make someone feel guilty or even what it’s like to be guilty. But she plays that card well.

Now I’m left here feeling some type of way, because when I leave for work she says bye and almost shoves me out the door. I guess you win some and loose some.

Love, a hot mess momma 💜

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