Middle of the night pumping

So miss willow is sleeping most of the night which means if I don’t pump half way through her sleeping I will wake up in a puddle of milk.

So tonight I get up around 12:15 to pump, takes me around 20 minutes. I bag it, tag it, rearrange my milk storage rack and grab myself a drink and some cookies.

I climb into bed with my snack and bottle of water. I take one bite and Harper wakes from a dead sleep and says “oh! snack time? Me bite? Please?”

I will give you a cookie but for the love of god DO NOT wake this baby up! I have nothing to offer her, my boobs are empty for about another hour girl!

I promise this is the worst part of co-sleeping and breastfeeding all rolled in to one! Toddlers eat your breastfeeding snacks and wake up the baby when your boobs are empty.

Love, a hot mess momma 💜

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