I’m sorry

Everyday when I wake up and want to be the best most attentive momma I can be. I want to get the kids ready make a healthy breakfast see them off for the day.

Well there are days where I don’t… and I go to bed that night hating myself. I tell my sleeping angels I’m sorry for being a bad momma, for forgetting to pack a lunch for school or yelling too much. And then there are the days I kill it as a mom, lunch packed, walked to the bus, calmly explaining things to my toddler and snuggling my infant.

I’m sorry, but NO ONE is perfect. We drop the ball, we forget little things and sometimes big things. I’m sorry but I’m not sorry for being imperfect. I do my best, my kids still love me and my anxiety gets the best of me. But at the end of the day everyone was fed, got hugs and kisses and they are relatively happy.

Find the silver lining mommas!

💜 love a hot mess momma

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